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Where Do You Stand?

James Parker God’s measure of a man or woman is not where we stand in moments of comfort, calm, and convenience; it’s were we stand in times of crisis, calamity and challenges!

You Never Know Where A Man Or Woman Stands Until The Setbacks, Heartbreaks, Interruptions, and Trials Hit The Fan.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” In his honor, let’s take the best and prayerfully make it better. God’s measure of a man or woman is not where we stand in times of comfort, calm, and convenience; it’s where we stand in times of crisis, calamity and challenges!

Where do you stand when life’s Setbacks, Heartbreaks, Interruptions, and Trials try to wreck you plans? It’s one of the greatest questions we can ever honestly answer about ourselves, and truly know about the people with whom we are in any important relationship.

How do you handle Setbacks? Is a Setback just a setup for your comeback, or is it your downfall? When the enemy attacks you with Heartbreaks, with a goal to kill God’s will, steal your zeal, and destroy your joy, do you react negatively or respond positively?

In times of Interruptions and Trials are you more like a thermometer or a thermostat? Do you merely measure, conform to, and reflect the environment around you like a thermometer, or do you regulate the temperature by transforming it and taking it to another level like a thermostat?

When life’s troubles set you up to take you out by pressuring you to give up, give out, and get out, do you get bitter, or do your best to get better? When the enemy has your name listed daily in the devil’s diary, do you grow wings or do you reach for crutches?

When you are under satanic surveillance and the attacks keep coming from all directions, do you become miserable or more mature? When life’s calamities yank the rug from under your feet, do you throw up, or do you get up and grow up?

When burdens body slam you face down to the ground, is God’s grace sufficient, or do you get grumpy? Do you get prayerful or you more likely to go hostile? When you’re faced with giant “Goliath” opportunities that are disguised as huge problems, are they too big to hit, or too big to miss?

How do you handle a financial crisis? For most people, the shortest nerve in the body is from the brain to the back pocket. When you have too much month at the end of your money, are you more likely to get invigorated or intoxicated? When you suffer a major misfortune, do you focus on what you have lost or on what you have left?

When you experience a life changing, nerve breaking soul shaking painful interruption, do you look for something to take that calms your nerves or look to the One who can strengthen your knees? When your best laid plans get sidetracked by crushing grief, do you run for prescription drug tranquilizers, or put your trust in God, the stabilizer? Do you look for a way to escape with opiods or other drugs like LSD, or do you find the way to cope with GOD?

When the world jolts you with an unexpected heartbreak, do you react like a rock captain in a calm ship, or do you respond like a calm captain does even in a rocky ship? How do you resolve conflict? Do you collaborate or do you escalate? When tempers flare, do you talk, or do you walk?

When things go wrong even though you’ve done what’s right, how do you fight? Do you fight with the sword of the Spirit, “God’s Word,” or fight with weapons of mass destruction like your fists, or sharp, hurtful, angry words that cut like a knife? Did you know that the second most deadly weapon of mass destruction is a gun, the first is the human tongue? Do you try to overcome evil with evil, or overcome it with good?

When your enemies are hungry, are more likely to fight them or feed them? Do you help them or hurt them? Do you pray for them or vengefully abuse them? How do you deal with a crisis? Do you face the problem, find the best solution, and then take positive action? Or do you fold like a pressed napkin and fall like a deck of cards built in a wind tunnel under the pressure?

The purpose of this book is to prepare you for the Changes, Crises, Calamities, and Challenges that you are facing right now and the ones soon coming your way. For you never know where a man or woman stands until life’s Setbacks, Heartbreak, Interruptions, and Trials try to wreck your plans!

God’s Medicine: Scriptural Prescriptions and ‘Vita-Minds’ for Total Health and Abundant Life.

If there were a doctor’s prescription for a pill that promised to add years to your life, you would probably pay good money for it. Wouldn’t you? But what if God told you that, as a child of God, you already have in His Word “Scriptural Prescriptions and Vita-Minds” for Total Health and Life More Abundantly! The great news is, it has no side effects, it works when you work it and it’s free!

God Word is His Medicine! (Proverbs 4:22) But what good would it do to believe in water if you didn’t drink it? You would die of thirst. What good would it be to believe in food if you didn’t eat it? You would starve yourself to death.

God’s Medicine must be taken according to His directions to work effectively. It works when you work it! (Proverbs 4:20-21)

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