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James Parker

There are hundreds of motivational speakers on tour today. But they are not all created equal. Some are good, while others are better. But only a few are described as the best!

Meet one of the best, Mr. James Parker!
James has been speaking, training, motivating, mentoring, coaching, teaching for the past score and a half.

“He is a powerhouse, a walking stick of dynamite. His energy is explosive and contagious. James will captivate you as he supernaturally mixes humor with his common sense approach to creatively manage life’s challenges.”

Prior to founding JPI, James worked with, modeled, and was mentored by the late great Zig Ziglar for seven years as a motivational speaker and seminar leader. He has been blessed to travel the world delivering customized organizational performance improvement motivational presentations and seminars that have measurably improved personal and professional performance.


James has been recognized internationally as one of America’s most effective organizational performance improvement coaches. He has worked with a long list of satisfied clients to help them tap into their higher power.

With his dynamic keynote presentations and customized seminars, this authority on change speaks with a powerful humorous spirit that heals, encourages, and empowers lives.

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